About our Priority Queue service

To help pay for server upkeep and adding new content such as custom mods and new map areas, you can help support by donating.

When donating $12.50 (PC) or $9.95 (Console) you will be able to get access to a priority queue slot for one of the KarmaKrew servers. (Not available for Namalsk) This will grant 31-day access to the unique fast lane for entering the servers. To get granted priority queue you need to go to https://prio.karmakrew.tv and select the package that you want. Keep in mind that after having bought priority queue, it will take effect after 5-10 minutes. You will have to leave the queue if you are already in it to start the priority queue. 

Get Priority Queues here

Gifting your friends priority queue

Wanna gift your friends priority? Simple!

> Buy it like you normally would and send them the special gifting link at the end of the buying process. <

If you have any questions:

If you have any questions; feel free to join the Discord and ask around! If you need any support with the purchase process, submit a ticket in the Discord.

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