Karmakrew Alteria

Adventure focused vanilla + features DayZ server

In short:

Alteria is the newest and most populair DayZ map in 2024. KarmaKrew Alteria focuses on good adventures. It’s the perfect map to play if you’re looking for adventures with friends or strangers. The map is made by the modder and mapmaker John McClane. Our Alteria server has no basebuilding and therefore lots of adventure interactions. We have a custom alteria tourist map with markings guiding you to interesting locations. Gather your friends, go out and explore Alteria. Good luck, have fun!
karmakrew alteria dayz adventures

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What you can expect from our server:

Alteria map

We have created a custom tourist map for Alteria! You can either use this one on the site or find the tourist map ingame!

Server Info

Check the discord for our restart times


While we love it for you to explore the servers yourself. Here is a sneakpeak of some of the added weapons.