Carefully designed vanilla + features DayZ servers.​


Carefully designed vanilla + features DayZ servers.

KarmaKrew is now available consoles


After years of PC gameplay, the KarmaKrew servers are on console! We have servers on xbox and playstation With unique features never seen on console before we hope to bring everyone that plays joy. Want to know more? Watch the trailer and see for yourself!

What to expect on KarmaKrew

Explore the KarmaKrew servers and find that you will enjoy a well balanced server with unique features that will all fit within the vanilla DayZ style. We focus on the best immersion and high quality mods that will make sure it adds to the core game.

Collect your loot and start a base on our Chernarus or Livonia servers, or gather your best duo partner for an adventure and roam the maps. Camouflage your guns with spray paint and listen closely for unique sounds from new dynamic events. Be aware of players that don’t seem too friendly, but wholeheartedly help the ones that are.

Explore the KarmaKrew DayZ servers and above all have a good time!



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Server list.

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What we strive for.

With KarmaKrew we strive for the most balanced server that focuses on adding positively to the core gameplay rather than changing it. We work with a team of passionate developers and helpful admins that put their free time into helping the community and building KarmaKrew.

We opt to be the most welcoming server with a friendly community and player-base. With numerous active servers we bring a variety of maps to our players. Our active admin team is working around the clock from different areas in the world to make sure that cheaters, hackers and abusers do not have a place on our servers.

Our discord is an active community with tons of friendly and helpful faces. Ask around in #general chat or submit a ticket for more complicated matters. We have a bunch of very informative and helpful information channels that will tell you about everything from KarmaKrew restart times to DayZ mods and ranging from DayZ crafting guides to bug fixes.


A friendly and informative community run by the KarmaKrew team.

KarmaKrew Discord