Playstation Chernarus

Hardcore vanilla + features DayZ server on console Playstation

In short:

KarmaKrew Playstation Chernarus focuses on a hardcore approach while still being good for beginner players. It’s a DayZ server that focuses on good balancing, unique content that all fits within the original DayZ vanilla style.

Our Chernarus server has basebuilding, pvp and adventure interactions. It really is a combination of all things that make DayZ fun. This way we make sure we add positively to the core gameplay rather than changing it. Our specialty? Gameplay balancing and unique features.

Gather your friends, go out and explore chernarus. Fight for your life or team up with random freshies you meet on the coast. Find our new and custom dynamic events for special loot, explore newly build area’s and overall make sure to survive! Gather your friends and explore the lands.

Good luck, have fun!

Karmakrew Chernarus player with a cowboy hat

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custom locations on karmakrew chernarus on console

What you can expect from our server: