Karmakrew HARDCORE Namalsk

A hardcore vanilla + features DayZ server

In short:

KarmaKrew Hardcore Namalsk is a DayZ server that is very populair amongst the community. The map is even harder then our regular version. Survival is key, weather is harsh and loot more scarce. Can you survive the ice cold terrain of this Namalsk?

Spawn around Vorkuta and roam around the map. But be careful, this hardcore version of Namalsk is a pvp and survival heavy map with a enviroment that will be hard to survive in if you don’t take good care of your character. The freezing temperatures mixed with mysterious EMP storms will keep you on your toes!

Compared to our adventure style Namalsk server we made food more scarce, introduced blizzard storms (cold events) and made guns and ammo harder to find. 

Gear up and light a fire. Can you survive?

solo player on namalsk hardcore

What you can expect from our server:

Explore the custom locations

Server Info

Check the discord for our restart times


While we love it for you to explore the servers yourself. Here is a sneakpeak of some of the added weapons.